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STD 100 bike trailer

The Aevon STD 100 bike trailer is the classic model which made the Aevon range so famous. This single-wheel trailer is light and very balanced, but also perfectly reliable. It will follow you in every situation, all around the world as well as on your daily trips.

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General description of the STD 100 bike trailer

The famous one : reliable, balanced and top-range STD 100

The frame of the STD 100 single-wheel trailer is made of first quality aluminium. It enables to receive a 100L bag. Aevon designed a product which makes your moves easier : a U-turn without putting your foot to the ground can be done anywhere, even on narrow tracks. The pressure at the level of the centre of gravity, under the seat, makes driving easier, even downhill which will amaze many users. Offroad or in town, this innovative fastening system is a token of stability and reliability.

The pressure of the oleo-pneumatic shock absorber is adjustable, to improve its answer in relation to the load carried. The ground clearance can also be adjusted with an Allen wrench.

Here are some videos :

In STD 100 trailer, between Norbu andt Sumdo

With an STD 100 bike trailer, between Norbu andt Sumdo

The STD 100 trailer in Pensi La

The STD 100 single-wheel trailer in Pensi La

STD 100 trailer crossing a river

The STD 100 bike trailer crossing a river

La Remorque STD100 d'Ulrich en Allemagne

The STD 100 bike trailer from Ulrich in Germany

An STD 100 trailer in Vercors

An STD 100 bike trailer in Vercors

STD 100 tests by users and the press

Tested and approved by Carnets d’Aventures Magazine

In 2008 Carnets d’Aventures Magazine made a test of the STD 100 trailer.

“The soldered joints are generous. The bag of the Aevon is very spacious : we can put a big bag inside (up to 100 liters).”

“The Aevon swing less than a trailer which is fixed to the rear axis […]. Its behaviour is wholesome and reassuring.”

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User test by Marine

Marine made many bike trips through different countries. She gives here her impressions about the STD 100 trailer.

“The most multipurpose, it is big, sturdy (with the crib), we can put the bags we need inside. I think it is the one I prefer, perfect for everything!”

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Testée par Velotaf

In 2008, Velotaf made a test of the STD 100.

“The presence of the trailer does not disturb the behaviour of the bike. […] The fastening system leaves total freedom to the bike, even for the most challenging moves with no stress on any element of the trailer.”

The manufacturing quality of this trailer is excellent. The load that can be carried and the available volume are remarkable. Attaching or removing takes only seconds. […] Lifetime and efficiency explain the price.”

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Testée par

STD 100 Test by Jepedale

STD 100 Trailer tested by Jepedale

In 2008 tested the STD 100 trailer.

“The principle of this invention : make you forget you have a trailer attached !”

“Its limited weight, extreme handling ability and stability make it a seriouys ally for your loaded travels.”

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Test utilisateur Mickael de Baïcchus Tour

Mickael with his STD 100

Mickael with his STD 100

In March 2013 Mickael left with his bike and his STD 100 trailer for one year to realise his dream through his passion of cycling, vines and mountains.


“As always, the long, slow climb up the col then gives way to an exhilarating descent between 50 and 60 km/h … the STD 100 trailer is on top!”

“Speed record: 63 km/h on my bike with the STD 100 attached! You shouldn’t exaggerate, my vehicle is quite loaded, it isn’t reasonable, but it is so exhilarating!”

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Technical description of the STD 100 bike trailer

  • Aluminium frame 6061 aeronautic quality using the technique “meshed-soldered TIG” + thermic treatment “T6″ for a higher resistance
  • Specific waterproof bag, black colour
  • New composite hitch on the seatpost offering an incredible freedom of movement and a great stability. Assembly without tools (59€)
  • Shock absorber oleo-pneumatic Spinner SUS adjustable in pressure. Useful to adapt the shock absorber to the load
  • Swing arm set up on waterproof bearings
  • Beam that can be disassembled quickly with a simple Allen wrench
  • Adjustable ground clearance to adapt the trailer to your use
  • High performance wheel of 16-inches (black colour, standard MTB Novatech hub with industrial interchangeable bearings, aluminium double wall rim, black stainless steel spokes, semi-slick tyre)
  • Safety kit : reflectors (3x), bright flag in 2 parts (to facilitate the storage), SKS mudguard
  • Weight : ~7 kg
  • Max size of the bag : L700 x l400 x h600 mm (~100 L)
  • Size when assembled : ~L1900 x l430 x h560 mm
  • Size when disassembled : ~L980 x l430 x h530 mm
  • Max load : 45 kg on road or 35 kg on tracks
  • Finishing touch : frame & swing arm covered with a black mat coat with oxyde (this process offers great longevity and an excellent finishing touch without adding weight)