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20 Sep


Famous Loch Ness

20 September 2017 | By |

Elisa & Valentin decided to try and meet the Loch Ness monster with their bikes and Aevon trailer UNO 100. They tell us all about their latest adventures.

“We cycled alond the East coast with its beautiful beaches. We even got the chance to meet a sea lion that was swimming in the bay. We can find many castles and distilleries along this coast, so we visited both.

The castle of Brodie, close to Dyke, helped us learn everything about the history of Scotland, with its numerous clans and the castle of Cawford really looked like a fairytale castle with drawbridges and French gardens.
bike trailer
Then we went West along the Caledonian canal and finally reached the famous Loch Ness to sleep on the banks.

bike trailer

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the famous monster but we were attacked again by the famous ‘midges’.

bike trailer

Today we are on Sky Island after catching a train and a ferry. The train wasn’t so easy with our bikes and our bike trailer but people at the station were very helpful and helped us get everything safely on the train. We crossed the famous bridge that you can see in ‘Harry Potter’ and discovered the lakes with mountains around and little islands in the center of the lakes. The landscapes were amazing !

Yesterday we went for a little trip through the mountains and along the sea, we could smell the tide and the sheep.

Unfortunately, today it’s raining but we plan to stay in a coffee shop until the weather gets better.’

bike trip

Scotland is not necessarily the first country you think about when you decide to go on a bike trip. But if you dare to face the weather that might not always be good, the landscapes are beautiful and are really worth the trip.