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21 Jun


Tour de France with my Aevon Trailer – 3

21 June 2016 | By |

Alain takes us on his tour de France by bike with his Aevon trailer.

Eighth day : Avranchesy/Montauban de Bretagne

What a day ! Departure from Avranches at 8.45am, I go on the road to the Mont St Michel, not very good for my bike. But the strong wind and cold rain make me stop on my way.
I stop at Combourg to get a little warmth and arrive at the hotel at about 4.30pm.
Today I cycle for 98km during 7hours.
The day after, it will be hard, as I heard it’s 0 degrees in Rennes.
bike trailer

Ninth day : Montauban de Bretagne/Questambert

Surprise today on the ‘voie verte’. First I cycled the wrong way for 10km (so 20km longer in all) and I find a tree in the middle of the road. I have to stop and remove the trailer from the bike. I have to carry the bike, the bags and the trailer through the branches of this huge tree.
It is a nice day but too cold. At 9am it’s 2 degrees and I’m wearing my gloves.
aevon bike trailer

Tenth day : Questembert/St Michel Chef Chef

It’s a very short trip with a departure at 8am and an arrival at 2pm.
The fields are covered with ice.
I cross the St Nazaire bridge, 60meters above the sea.
I cycle for 84km.
remorque à vélo
voyage à vélo